Puma released their brand new football boots over the summer and in time for pre-season. I have been catching glances of this white and coral boots all over social media. Which is why I was thrilled to have received an invite to the launch of the Puma ONE in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I finally got a chance to get my hands (and feet!) on one of these bad boys.

The German sports brand powerhouse released the Puma ONE in Malaysia on the 7th of July which is a little later than the European counterpart. But the launch was an out of the box fun and unique experience. They launched alongside a challenge called “The Perfect One” challenge. What is interesting about this challenge is that it consists of a series of tasks that revolves around testing the three stand out features of the boots, FIT, FAST and FEEL. Anyone from the public can go for the challenge which is held in shopping malls across the country. It’s a wonderful marketing strategy that allows buyers to try before buying and not just try on for size but actually test out the boots in action! I am impressed and excited at this opportunity!

Let’s get down to business and talk boots. Puma released the Puma ONE ahead of the 2017/2018 pre season. The Puma One marks the end of an era with the end of the evoSPEED and evoTOUCH series. The big cat took the best features of the evoSPEED and evoTOUCH , enhanced the technologies and combine it within a boot. These boots are set to light up the upcoming 2017/2018 season.

The Design

images (1)

The white and fiery coral colourway on the Puma ONE gives it a retro vibe, almost reminiscing the Puma King. Even though it looks retro, the technology behind these boots is anything but.

First impression and feel

*The Puma ONE in the photos are the lower end no-knit sock. I tried both for the review.

My first impression, as I held them in my hands is that these are lighter than my average football boots. It is also soft and supple and gives off a luxurious feel of the leather. It also takes minimal effort for me to get them on my feet. A lot of boots takes an effort and some stretches to slip on and I am pleased to report that is not the case with the One. The boots are great feet as the leather molds around my foot. The boots also have a midfoot strap to stabilize the foot. This provides a sturdier feel to these boots when I put them on. The boots have a high-top EVO knit sock creates a supportive and snug fit around the ankle. The EVO knit sock also sat at the perfect height around my ankle and add perfect elasticity to it and it becomes the perfect fit around my foot. Overall in terms of feel and fit, the Puma ONE is comfortable, light and has a great fit.

Studs, Control, Stop & Acceleration 

Let’s move on to the purpose and studs. Puma made a clear distinction in the past between EvoSpeed and EvoTouch boot ranges. But the Puma ONE mixes it up and combines the best of both boots. The studs are a combination of conical and blades. What is interesting is the placement of the blades. It is shaped as a reversed ‘V’ in the center of the forefoot.


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Reversed ‘V’ blades

The blade and conical design and placement allow players to have better control and braking ability and is exceptionally useful for players who make use of turns and stops. The evoSPEED inspired bladed studs at the front and rear of the sole plate also provide acceleration. They also make it easy for players that want to be able to accelerate and have great touch and control without having to compromise or have two different boots. The boots are made of lightweight and reactive Pebax® outsole. Combine that with the stud configuration that supports speed and you have the perfect hybrid boots.


HIGHLIGHT: The comfort and fit, the technology & the feel.

CATEGORY: Acceleration, speed & control

OVERALL: I personally love the Puma ONE. Comfort and fit have always ranked the highest for me, whether it’s for a random kick about, training or even coaching. I also find the colourways are a refreshing step away from the neon colors that have been crowding up the scene lately. The EVO knit sock scores the bonus points for this boots for the added comfort and fit.

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Written by Keshika Subbarao

A passionate football fan, professional football coach,scout & writer. Believes that football can change the world.

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